Introducing our new Focus Client Portal


Focus Micro Systems is proud to announce the integration of our new Focus Client Portal (FCP) into our Rent lettings software solution.


Put simply, this means that we can now save you even more time, effort and money! For instance, when a landlord needs to check an invoice or statement, they can login themselves to find the information they need instead of asking you to do it.


As it was, the Rent system already provided you with fast access to customer information, and the ability to upload your property ads on to a number of popular property websites with just one click. You could also batch send all your tenant invoicing and statements. To name just a few benefits of Rent.


Now, since the integration of our new FCP system within the Rent software, you have even more time and effort saving benefits. You can still do everything you did before, plus more. We mean, less. Because it does more, not you … obviously!


New FCP Dashboard


The first thing you will notice is the new FCP Dashboard, which provides an instant overview of what’s going on, or what needs doing, for each client. For instance, diary reminders, recent transactions, and outstanding jobs, as well as any balance due per client. You can share all of this with your client, or choose specific aspects to be visible to them when they login.


Accessible on any device


We have ensured that FCP is accessible on any device, so that you, your clients and tradesmen can access it at any time, from anywhere. The new portal is accessible from any desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet, whether iOS, Android or MS Surface.


So when a tenant has an issue with a leaky pipe in the middle of the night, or a broken down boiler on a Saturday morning, you don’t need to be disturbed. Instead, the tenant logs in to FCP and reports it direct.


Your local tradesmen are kept up to date with new, outstanding and completed jobs too. They will receive a notification every time a new job is added, and will also have the ability to see the latest jobs listed upon login.


Highly secure and compliant


Vigilant in ensuring that FCP, Rent and all our property management software systems are as secure as possible, security was enhanced by our recent navigation to Microsoft Azure. For more information on security, do read our blog on GDPR here.


Additionally, all our software systems are fully compliant with RICS, ARLA, HMRC and more, which means that your reporting is easier and simpler.


Save time and money now!


With costs starting from as little as £52 per month, check out our Product page on our website for further information.


Book a live demonstration – get in touch today, or give us a ring on 0871 250 0021 and ask to speak to Duncan Samuel or Callum Samuel.