At Focus Micro Systems we are aware that some of our customers make use of the HMRC report included in our system every year. We understand that some of you may encounter issues when using this report and may not be able to achieve the HMRC template standards. This would raise a big concern for yourselves and your company because HMRC may reject your submission. When using the HMRC report, please scan through it before submitting the report to HMRC. This will allow you to confirm that the format is correct and all the details correlate with each specific column. Your report may sometimes end up looking similar to the highlighted example below.


Figure 1 – Example HMRC report


This would be due to the way the data has been inputted into the Rent system. For your knowledge the HMRC report gets saved as a “.csv(Comma Separated Values)” file. This means any comma used in any Landlords’ details would cause the format to change. Therefore, please navigate to the specific Landlords’ record in the Windows Rent SQL software and check that there are no commas used in the Landlords’ details. When doing this please also verify that the information is placed in the correct boxes.

For example, in the Landlords’ record (Focus Landlord (non-standard)) highlighted in figure 1 above, commas were used incorrectly as shown in figure 2, which caused the format to change.

landlord example

Figure 2 – Landlord record


Please click here for more information regarding the HMRC template, including notes which will help you send the report over, and a return example.

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