Welcome to Rent Version 30.0


New Features

Rightmove Real Time Data Feed

Rightmove Real time data feeds are here! We have now incorporated the RTDF into our software. Previously it would take up to 24 hours before properties would appear on the Rightmove website; however with the new RTDF format uploading properties is now instant. This enables you to get ahead of any Estate Agents who are not using the feature, and ensures that you are at a competitive level with those who are. We know that our clients want to see their properties on Rightmove as quickly as possible, as we know just how competitive the market is.

For more information on the Real Time Data Feed please click here

Right to Rent

You should now check that a tenant or lodger can legally rent your residential property wherever you are located in the UK. The new law states that 28 days before the start of a new tenancy checks must be taken for:

  • All adult tenants (aged 18 and over)
  • All types of tenancy agreements both written and verbal

Tenants in some types of property such as social housing and care homes will NOT need to be checked.

This information is stored on a tenant record by clicking on the ‘Tenants’ switch next to their name.

Right to Rent is a legislation that has been in place since 1st February 2016.

For more information on right to rent please click here

Search Screen

There is a new search facility available for customers that have multiple companies switched on. This allows the user to search across all companies for the Landlord, Property, Tenant, Applicant, Tradesman, Nominal and Service Charge files. The global search facility will now allow searching across all of the companies and all of the landlords, properties and tenants etc.

It also has the ability, whether you have multiple companies on or not, to search for current and archived records in the same search screen, and will switch into current/archive mode when the user double clicks the desired record.

This will shorten the time that it takes to search for records outside of the company that you are already in because you don’t have to log out and back into another company.

New Tutorials

Version 30.0 will see us add new tutorials to the rent software. This will include new sections to the Rent Manual, and new video content added to our YouTube channel.


New YouTube Video Tutorials

Deposits – This video will show you how to pay Deposits on the Deposits screen.

Search Screen – This video will give you the information that you need about the new features of our search screen.

Real Time Feed – This video will show you how the Real Time Data Feed works within the Rent system.

Photo Resizer – This video will show you to use the Photo Resizer tool.

Right to Rent – This video will show you how to record the ‘Right to Rent’ in the Rent software.

Bug Fixes

  • When doing a minus admin fee to make a return payment, it will now post the transaction correctly.
  • When deleting a cheque to the tradesman, it will now remove the “P” from the expenses that have been paid.
  • When printing Tenant Invoices, and adding an invoice message, it will no longer remove the message when you click Print Invoice.
  • When paying Tax to the HMRC, or returning Tax to a Landlord, it will now show you the balance of Tax Retention Held.
  • We have now fixed the Tenancy Schedule reports as a whole, so that they all work correctly.
    • We have also fixed the report so that when you are running it within the date range it will no longer show transactions outside that specific date range, as well splitting the total into NET & VAT (It no longer just shows as a Gross amount).

Other Focus News

  • We have welcomed six new members to our team. David and Sandesh joining the development team, Nick and Matt joining the support team and Lisa and Roxanne joining our Reception.
  • In November of 2015 we celebrated 34 years of business.