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New Features

New landlord Expenditure Report

We now have a new style for our Landlord Income and Expenditure Report, which breaks the report down into more detail.

Summary of Tenant’s Rights & Obligations

We also now have a new Include Summary of Tenant’s Rights and Obligations’ tick box within the Charges tab on the Property File.  You have the choice of which language you would like the text to be in by selecting English or Welsh. We have designed this feature so that when you produce a Tenant Invoice/Demand you can include a page with the Tenant Rights & Obligations in whichever language is relevant to the property.

Lloyds Bank Export

The Rent Software can now export Payments to the correct format for Lloyds Online Banking. This can save you time when paying a number of Landlords/Tradesmen at the same time.

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance

We have added a field onto the Tradesman File to allow you to keep track of when your Tradesman Public Liability Insurance will expire. There is also a report you can run to see this information.

New Tutorials

Version 30.21 will see us add new tutorials to the Rent software. This will include new sections in the Rent Manual, and new videos added to our YouTube channel. These can now be viewed in our new Video Viewer which will be installed as part of this update.

New YouTube Video Tutorials


We have over 50 video tutorials on our new Video Viewer application and will be adding more in the coming weeks. These will appear automatically when they are available so keep an eye out.

Bug Fixes

  • Viewing attachments in the Diary not always working correctly.
  • Landlord Tax Report Export (HMRC Spreadsheet) not picking up abroad Landlords.
  • BACS form printout picking up other items when running for the first time.
  • When switching companies using the search screen, Rent wasn’t refreshing all company settings from the background.
  • Tenant Solicitor Mail Merge Codes weren’t working correctly.

Other Focus News

  • We have welcomed two new members to our team. Justin Adam, Peter Bodnar and James Spyt who are joining the support team.