Focus Client Portal (Client)

What is the Focus Client Portal ?

FCP (Client) is a portal that Focus Micro Systems have developed to provide your customers with a web portal to log into. We can tailor this log on page to show your company logo FREE of charge.

How is this good for my business?

How many telephone calls do you and your team take every day/ week from landlords querying their account, tenants reporting faults, followed by the inevitable telephone log to locate a tradesman to fix a problem. These very simple things can take up hours of your valuable time and yet the Focus Rent software can help.

FCP the Focus Client Portal will allow your landlords, tenants and tradesman a safer and secure way of reporting faults and checking on their progress.

From landlords querying their account and checking statements to tradesman providing fast and tiny updates for job repairs. All of these things can now be achieved without wasting your valuable time by simple enabling FCP, the Focus Client Portal on your landlords, tenants and tradesmen’s mobile devices. The less time spent on menial time wasting tasks like these, the more time you will have to enable you and your team to be more productive and more profitable, which these days is more important than ever.

What does this mean?

This means that your Landlords, Tenants, and Tradesmen are able to log in and:

  • View their current account balance
  • View/download historical Invoices/Statements as well as view Transactional data
  • View Jobs and raise new ones directly from the portal!
  • View attachments, for example photos and documents
  • Send you, the Agent, a message 24/7
  • Access all of the above and more, from any mobile, tablet or PC – as long as internet access is available

If you would like to learn more, see a free live demonstration or get a quote, please email or alternatively please call Focus Micro Systems on 01865 766241